About Me

I am a tropical forest ecologist, primarily focusing on the plants and habitat of South East Asia. These diverse and highly threatened forests are fascinating in their complexity and they provide the ideal location to conduct new and exciting research with a true impact on current conservation efforts.

I am currently studying for my PhD in ecology at the University of Stirling. My focus is on the effects of repeated logging efforts in Borneo and how these may alter recruitment into the tree community. By studying sapling and seedling communities, I hope to discover more about the long term sustainability and carbon storage potential of logged forests in South East Asia. I will be posting updates throughout the study, both here and on my twitter account.

Using roped-access techniques, I am  also able to explore poorly studied systems that play an important role in the forest canopy. Most recently, I have published an article on the responses of epiphyte species richness to environmental variables, including the size and shape of their hosts and the disturbance of their habitat. I am currently working on a range of other projects, including a review of the conservation research conducted by zoos worldwide and a structural habitat survey of the Rosalie area of Dominica.



PhD student in Ecology at the University of Stirling (2017-present)

Masters Degree in Environmental Science (MEnv) at the University of York (2012-2016)


Demonstrator and Teaching Assistant at the University of Stirling (2018-present)

Lead Habitat Surveyor for Operation Wallacea at their Dominican research site (2017)

Habitat Surveyor and General Assistant for Operation Wallacea at their Indonesian research Site (2015)

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