About Me

Talking with people about trees – I am a science communicator, specialising in all things forests!

Social media is a vital tool for opening up conversations around science and is an area I have been particularly enthusiastic for since opening my first YouTube channel in 2011. These days I mostly work across Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and blog spaces to highlight fun facts and social issues. From running online and fully accessible conferences like #TropiCon21 (with an audience of over half a million accounts!) to taking over accounts like @RealScientists to originate the #LGBTQscience hashtag, I put an emphasis on bringing people together in their enjoyment of STEM subjects.

In the physical world, I give presentations to a wide range of audiences, from primary school children to university academics. To enable greater interactivity, I also develop and run activities for outreach events. At their best, I believe that communication activities should inspire just as much as they inform. Launched in Spring 2022, I developed the University of Leeds campus tree trail with a focus on accessibility so that everyone could learn about and enjoy the science behind their local plant life. Read More